Speed Awareness

Dear Villagers,

Black Notley Parish Council, in conjunction with other local parish councils and the “20 is plenty“ initiative*, have been conducting surveys and research into average speeds of motorists.

Initial data for our report from Witham Road, Black Notley highlights that over 50% of road users are breaking the 30pmh speed limit, particularly during the rush hour period.

Below can be found the full report.

There is an obvious correlation between lower speeds and safety, not only for pedestrians, but cyclists, animals and obviously other drivers.

Before deciding on how to encourage motorists to consider their speed we should like to invite comment from residents on what we can try do to make our roads safer.

Ultimately, Essex Police have a responsibility with regard to enforcement, to get awareness moving, Cllr Ross Playle has suggested a speed survey to be done on Witham Road/The Street.

Depending on the results of that survey, this will be presented to the Local Highways Panel.
If Highways’ consider it necessary, this could be presented to Essex Country Council, in their February meeting, which in turn would require a response from the Highways Cabinet Member.

Black Notley Parish Council have requested the Community Policing Team to review findings and suggest possible remedies.


*click HERE to watch a summary video of the recent ‘20 is plenty’ initiative webinar, plus read a summary from Max Ford – who attended on behalf of BNPC’s Communications Committee. ’20 is plenty’ webinar notes