How to apply

The Parish Council provide grants/funding for local groups.

It should be noted that there is a limited budget each year. No persons applying for grant funding can make the assumption that the Parish Council will fully fund their project. Grant Funding is discretionary not compulsory, and the Parish Council may not give funding to any organisation in a particular year, and in order to ensure as fair a distribution as possible, the Council does take into account the amount and frequency of previous awards.

  • 1. Applications will be considered for events, or capital funding/purchase projects within the parish and which will benefit residents of the Parish

  • 2. Funding contributions will only be considered from organisations outside of the Parish, which are deemed to be of wider benefit to the community. (Past examples of awards given of this type were to Essex Air Ambulance, Citizens Advice Local Branch, Stop Stansted Expansion.)

Conditions of Funding.

Applications must be submitted to the Clerk of the Parish by 31st October each year. No further applications will be considered after that date. Applications will only be accepted on completion of the Grant Application Form. Any additional information maybe attached to the form if required. The Clerk will not write to organisations/individuals to request if they wish to submit an application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete and return the form by the stated date.

  1. All applications must clearly demonstrate how a grant or subsidy will be of benefit to the local community within the Parish.
  2. An organisation is required to submit audited accounts or accounts that have been independently examined by a suitably qualified person for the previous two financial years, as well as a current bank statement/s of all funds. Any newly formed organisation will be required to submit current bank statements and a detailed budget and business plan.
  3. An organisation is required to have a bank account in it’s own name with two representatives required to sign each cheque.
  4. Ongoing commitments to award grants or subsidies in future years will not be made.
  5. A fresh application is required each year. Each application will be discussed on it’s own merit. To ensure as fair a distribution as possible, the Parish Council will take into consideration the amount and frequency of previous awards contributions made.
  6. The decision of the Parish Council is final.
  7. Awards will be given out only once a year by the 30th June of the following year, provided all documentation is correct.
  8. The Parish Council does not award monies for retrospective works.
  9. It must be understood that any grant must be used for the specific project as stated and for which the grant was awarded, unless the written approval has been obtained in advance, from the Parish Council, who may wish to discuss such, further. The Parish Council reserves the right to withdraw any funds awarded should an organisation/individual fail to comply with the award conditions.
  10. The Parish Council reserves the right to request any such information that it deems appropriate in consideration to any award given, and may request receipts, photographs and site vists by councillors to view ongoing /completed work. The Parish Council reserves the right to request feedback or receipts to demonstrate how monies are spent and to inspect the outcome of such expenditure.
  11. Any award monies, which remain unused for the stated project/event in the following 12 months from the date of the award by cheque, must be duly returned to the Parish Council.
  12. The Parish Council fully discusses any contributions/awards made. The decision of the Parish Council is final.

On making an application to the Parish Council for any award all applicants must agree to be bound by the Parish Council Funding Conditions and Guidelines.